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Fire Protection Coatings
Fire Protection Coatings

Fire Protection Coatings for steel, wood and cables

Safety by foam barriers

The way Renitherm® functions is as ingenious as it is simple. The thin coating of fireproofing agents forms an insulating shell. Under the influence of fire or high temperatures, it expands, forming a dense, non-flammable foam layer of several centimetres thickness.

This reaction takes place at temperatures at which timber is not yet destroyed. Thereby, a substantial part of the heat is withdrawn, which absorbs energy from the fire.

The thin Renitherm® coating for steel surfaces reacts under the effect of heat.  An endothermic reaction of the fire protection coating causes a very thick insulating layer to form on the steel surface. This highly efficient protection postpones the time when the steel reaches its critical temperature.

Perfectly planned for more safety

Steel and fire protection – a challenge which has become increasingly important over the last 30 years. In the construction of modern buildings, great store is set by an attractive architecture with exposed filigree steel profiles.

Structural members such as columns, girders and framework made of steel create a fascinating combination of functionality, power and elegance. But the heat of fire puts all this at risk.

Manufactured and tested for added safety

AUDAX offers an extensive range of Renitherm® fire protection coatings for steel, timber and cables produced according to our own formulations. Our products are in compliance with national and international standards for approved fire protection coatings and applications on open and closed steel sections indoors and out of doors.

Fire protection coatings by Renitherm® are safety products intended to save lives, preserve material values, and harmonize safety engineering aspects with architectonic considerations.

We carry out extensive tests and validations to guarantee comprehensive fire protection for buildings in accordance with clearly defined criteria. Manufactured pursuant to German industrial standards, our products are developed and produced in Germany under EN ISO 9001:2015 and bear the certified proof of origin "Made in Germany".

Responsible product development

Safe and ecologically responsible.

When developing fire protection coatings for passive structural fire protection applications, Renitherm® focuses on environmental compatibility and sustainability.

The "Green Building product group" comprises a list of all non-VOC fire protection products approved for use as materials in ecological construction because their content of volatile organic compounds (VOC) is below detection threshold. This means that these products meet the requirements of the "Approval guidelines for the health-related evaluation of indoor construction products" in connection with the LCI values specified by the Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products (Ausschuss zur gesundheitlichen Bewertung von Bauprodukten - AgBB); as such, they are also recommended for use in public buildings which must comply with the criteria of the evaluation system "Sustainable construction for federal buildings" of the German Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Urban Development.

Safe and convincing

Renitherm® fire protection coatings are used all over the world. Wherever the structural requirements specify demanding safety standards, Renitherm® comes into play. 

Customers from all over the world trust the Renitherm® protection system for their construction projects.

Our technical experts contribute their profound knowledge to the development of individual solutions for fire protection requirements and the respective application processes.

Passive fire protection systems

Gain time and be safe with Renitherm®  

The primary goal of Renitherm® fire protection coatings is to maintain the resistance of the load-carrying building structures as long as possible so that people can escape from the danger zone or be rescued. Time is gained to extinguish the fire and keep the resulting damage to a minimum.

Gain valuable additional time with Renitherm® fire protection coating. The coating increases the crucial time before the critical temperature is reached at which even the strongest steel becomes soft, loosing its capacity to support loads. Applied on timber and electrical cables, the coating postpones the point in time when the materials start to burn.

A fire resistance time of up to 120 minutes is achieved by application of thin coatings. This is the result of many years of experience, research and development.


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Renitherm® – Fire protection made in Germany

For 30 years, the brand of RENITHERM®  has been standing for innovative fire protection coatings for steel, timber and cables. When extreme temperatures occur, these special coatings significantly help to delay the bursting of steel in the bearing structure of a building. A RENITHERM® coating provides approximately two additional hours to rescue people from the danger zone and to retain the value of the building by firefighting measures. Timber and cables bear up against the fire longer with RENITHERM®.

In case of fire, RENITHERM® foams up to 30 to 50 times its original thickness and reduces the transmission of heat, greatly improving the chance to conserve the buildings.

RENITHERM® is a brand of AUDAX-Keck GmbH. 

Click here to download the technical data sheets for the  RENITHERM®products. 

Our prospectus RENITHERM® "Fire Protective Coatings for steel, wood and cables" is available here as a PDF download in English, Russian, Chinese.

HENSOTHERM® and HENSOMASTIK® are brands of Rudolf Hensel GmbH. Click here to download the pdf files of the Technical Data Sheets for the HENSOTHERM® and HENSOMASTIK® products.

– a combination of three powerful brands!



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AUDAX-Keck GmbH merged with Rudolf Hensel GmbH to make better use of the existing synergies to the benefit of the customers of both companies. Mr Günther Keck will continue to provide support for his customers. Following the merger, all products of the fire protection coating systems RENITHERM®, HENSOTHERM® and HENSOMASTIK® are now available to our customers as brands of Rudolf Hensel GmbH. Thanks to its creative power, premium quality, and direct customer focus, Rudolf Hensel GmbH has been one of the leading manufacturers of preventive fire protection coatings made in Germany for more than 90 years. FIRE PROTECTION – OUR PASSION.